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We are open for the season!

Tour times:

9:30am      1:00pm      4:00pm

Tours are weather dependent and run daily from July 1st - mid September


Covid- 19 Update:

We ask passengers to wear a mask on the vessel as social distancing can not always be possible on the boat

Intensive cleaning/sanitization is done before each tour

Feel free to bring your own mask coverings


masks are required aboard

The Tour

lobster 2
lobster 2

tour 2 (2)
tour 2 (2)

Lobster 1
Lobster 1

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lobster 2


Ever wondered how lobster fishing is done? 

Hop aboard the lobster fishing vessel The Second Secret for a unique experience!


 Learn about the lobster fishing industry while viewing popular scenic attractions from a different angle

The tour
includes hauling lobster traps while learning the lobster  and how the local lobster fishing industry works 

Band a lobster!

Enjoy seeing the Bay of Fundy and St Mary's Bay VIA Petite Passage

The scenic Stops include the Famous Balancing Rock from a water view, Seal point (only if weather is fit and if seals present) with a chance of seeing seals if not on the rock then in the water, Boar's Head Lighthouse and Whale Cove Habour

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(902) 247 - 1783

The Balancing Rock

 The Balancing Rock is a well known hiking tourist attraction that is a 2.5 km hike on a well groomed path. 20 tonnes or more of volcanic rock sits on a ledge over looking the St Mary's Bay.


Hop on the tour boat to see the balancing rock from a water view


Boar's Head Lighthouse

Boars Head Lighthouse is located on Long Island in Tiverton. The Althouse Look Off trail will lead you to the breath taking views of the ocean and the lighthouse.


Aboard the boat you will get to see the lighthouse from a water view that will allow for some stunning shots


Seal Point
Seal point seals.jpg

Seal Point is situated in East Ferry where the seals like to hang around. If not on the rocks they are playing around in the water!


Note: Seals are not always present and not guaranteed to see